Lời bài hát Your Game

[Verse 1]:
I don’t think you know what i’m bout to show
You from the bottom of my heart
I hope you know anywhere i go right there in my soul
You’re in my mind yea day by day

I just wanna be with you and i,
Don’t wanna hide that truth
Cause you’re the only one i know
I know that i can’t live without

My love is all in your hand
My heart wanna call you my man
They will not understand
It’s so hard to comprehend
Call yourself heartbreaker like a rollercoaster.

Your game was taking it over
But baby your game is over is over is over…
Is over is over is over…

[Verse 2]:
Oh I don’t think you know
You made me go cold
Thing s you lied to me
But i didn’t show everytime we fight
You know, you always right
Oh baby cause you knew very well that I.

And now i can’t hold on anymore
Right now you can have yourself out that door
And take good care take good care from today
Take good care on your way
Boy,I will make it my way.

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