Lời bài hát We Owned The Night

tell me have you ever wanted
for someone so much it hurts
your lips keep trying to speak
but you just cant find the words
but i had this dream once
i held you in my hands

she was the purest beauty
but not the common kind
she had a way about her
that bid you through the night
and for a moment
you made the world stand still

yeah we own the night

throughout the different lights
you danced just like a child
but once here in these hands
all you did was smile
but it was perfect
i hold it i my mind

yeah we own the night
we own the night

wrapped up under a blanket
all tangled up in skin
not knowing in that moment
if wed ever speak again
but it was perfect and i never will forget

when we own the night
yeah we own the night

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